A gamekeeper must keep himself apart from the family he serves Tom Pendower knows that, but makes the mistake of allowing Virginia, Brigadier Trethurgy s flighty daughter, to seduce him His regrets are manifested even before he meets the pure and attractive eighteen year old Lizzie Carthew Nineteenth century Plymouth, England, is no place for a girl alone, but Lizzie is determined to atone for her troubled past by dedicating her life to serving others at a Seaman s mission How else can she persuade her cold hearted clergyman father that she is worthy of his admiration Maybe she would have succeeded if only she had not come up against that handsome young gamekeeper from across the river at Derrystone Grange To complicate matters, the great engineer, Isambard Brunel, is raising a railway bridge across the River Tamar Thousands of itinerant navvies move into the area causing widespread disorder Faced with violence, Lizzie is glad to be rescued by Tom Pendower Her feelings for him deepen, but can she drag him away from the machinations of Virginia Trethurgy Dare she take the ultimate step to ensure his affection Dare she lose her purity When a navvy riot brings death and destruction to people who mean so much to Tom and Lizzie, they are cruelly parted By then, Lizzie s future looks bleak and she has only one friend she can turn to Lost without her, Tom is forced to move on Can their love for one another survive

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