Her past slammed into her literally A dreadful shadow stalks Genny Lynn through the cobbled streets of Old Quebec City until she succumbs in utter panic to its shriek of old betrayals reborn The ghost from her past strikes her with such terrible force that Genny Lynn is left for dead in a deserted alleyway in the dead of night Who am I Lost in the darkness of her mind, Genny Lynn wakes up to learn she s married to the devil Is she for real Blackmailed into marriage, Luc wonders if he should dare risk handing his heart over to the woman with the vulnerable and seemingly innocent eyes But old betrayals are hard to forget For three long years, Luc has struggled against his wife s terror tactics as she s tried to wrest control of his family s fortune He longs for nothing than freedom from her dark presence Until now Could love be strong enough to shed light on the truth and pull them out of the darkness that has haunted their lives for so long

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