Maka is a weapon meister, determined to turn her partner, a living scythe named Soul Eater, into a powerful death scythethe ultimate weapon of Death himself! Charged with the task of collecting and devouring the tainted souls of ninetynine humans and one witch, Maka and her fellow meisters strive to master their weapons as they face off against the bizarre and dangerous minions of the underworld But the meisters' own personal quirks may prove a bigger obstacle than any sultry enchantress!

10 thoughts on “ソウルイーター 1

  1. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    3 1/2 stars.

    I should have read this on Halloween - really the perfect time to plunge into this series. I can't wait to read more of the Death Weapon Meister Academy and Maka's quest to find a witch to kill. The characters are great, but I'm not sure how I feel about the Ecchi genre inside it... Maka is so young... I do know it's humor alone, but still.

  2. Mal Mal says:

    Ah. It's good to be back ;)
    1) I forgot just how different Ohkubo's art was so early on in the series, and I'm so, so crazy amazed that someone can advance that hugely. I was always good at art, but I never developed my skills because I didn't have any passion for it, so I fell behind. The life of an artist is foreign to me, but when I see mangaka improve over time ... I'm so impressed, and weirdly proud of them, even though I don't know them at all.
    2) It's really weird rereading the series, because I know everything now. I can sit here and feel all of these feelings that I couldn't before, because I look at these characters and know how their stories end, and what's to come before then. Specifically Death the Kid (who is my favorite, with Mifune and Stein very close behind), whose severe OCD always seemed to be executed as a gag to lighten the mood. But no! No! Kid's condition is more than a serious psychological issue-- it. is. part. of. him. He is the living embodiment of Order, the very opposite of his brother, who is the soul of Chaos. So I read this, and I know that it's more than a character flaw/quirk. No wonder he struggles to shoot the Pharaoh; it would be like turning a gun on himself. He lives and breaths organization, especially at this stage in his life, where he hasn't learned or progressed (and neither has the plot, so what can ya do). Just. Many feelings.
    3) I even have feeling regarding Black Star. And all my unanswered questions about him and his clan and his family are bubbling to the surface. This whole experience is just going to be a huge walk down Nostalgia St.

    First read: (view spoiler)[Gawd to be more perfect ... *shakes head* Seriously I don't understand how someone can't like Soul Eater? It's the most creative one out there. And Kid is just ... He's Kid x.x <33

    (hide spoiler)]

  3. Lois Bujold Lois Bujold says:

    Aaalll righty, then...

    Just spent the past two weeks plowing through the whole 25 volumes as they erratically surfaced from my library. As common, I got into it via the anime, which I quite liked, then tracked back to see what the anime left out. Which was quite a bit.

    Anime tracks the manga tightly up to Ch. 37, about halfway through the 10th volume. From there it departs to a much shorter ending, using some sequences from later in the manga, dropping some subplots, truncating and compressing, but sparing a few sympathetic characters who don't make it out of the longer manga alive. Glory be, in both versions my favorite character, mentor-figure Dr. Stein (first name Franken, because that's the mode this thing is in) actually escapes with his life, very unusual for this trope. Also, for a welcome change the protagonist's mom isn't dead either. She's hustled off stage by having her be divorced and traveling on business. Yay? Dead mothers are lazy writing, when alternate scenarios are available with so little thought. Of course, later we have mom Medusa, which, um.

    The manga was composed over ten years, and it shows in the evolving art style, which becomes darker and more sophisticated as the tale becomes (after some draggy fight-tournament sequences in the teen-volumes where the plot is bent into pretzels to allow every character of interest to have a big fight scene with every other character of interest, and dear lord do those get tedious) more surreal and psychologically and metaphorically complex, and, in some sections, really not for kids. The cheery sort of Halloween-holiday mode of the beginning sinks into something that appears to be influenced more by Hieronymus Bosch.

    Very high wtf!Japan values. I still burst into laughter thinking of some of the more bizarre bits, but it isn't for delicate sensibilities.

    (Also, How the hell am I s'posed to know how much love to give!!? is one of the more unconsciously heartbreaking lines ever.)

    The anime I can rec more generally.

    Ta, L.

  4. Megan ♡ Megan ♡ says:

    Soul Eater was the very first anime I watched (the only one to actually be finished too D: ) and the first manga I bought. I absolutely adore it. The characters are amazingly thought up, and drawn very well. The whole premise of Soul Eater is very original, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! I mean, people that can turn into Weapons?? Who wouldn't like that????!!

    Soul & Maka: A scythe and his meister- they have 99 Kishin Souls and go to hunt one witch to make Soul a DeathScythe. But one slip up and they have to start over.
    ((hadjbv;ahrjbrguo MY BABIES!))

    ((By Jazzie560 on Tumblr, because I love her art and it gives me ALL OF THE FEELS))

    ((Also by Jazzie...and I just love her AU's okay?!))

    ((another by Jazzie...))

    ((This one's by Foxikun on Tumblr; I like AU shizz))

    ((And I don't know who did this...))

    ((I feel like this would be me and my boyfriend...If I had one >:c ))


    Black*Star & Tsubaki: An Assassin and his Shadow Weapon- 0 souls; Kishin or Witch

    ((By Pia-Sama on DeviantART))

    Death the Kid & Liz and Patti (The Thompson Sisters)- A Grim Reaper and his twin pistols. Kid has to keep Liz and Patti's soul intake equal because he is obsessed with symmetry.

    They all go to school at Death Weapon Meister Academy (AKA Shibusen) in Death City, Nevada, under the watchful eye of Lord Death (AKA Shinigami-Sama).

    Soul Eater is by far the best anime/manga I've ever seen/read! :D

  5. John John says:

    All right!!!! I AM BLACK STAR!!!!.And I am the BIG MAN whose doing this reveiw of Soul Eater Volume 1.

    Just kidding but glad I have your attention now.

    This book was surprising to say the least. From the look of it you would not expect an engaging, multifaceted, and original concept. But that is what you get! Also it looks like its written for kids. Found it in the Adult section next to HOTD (High School of the Dead)
    and although it could be enjoyed by children I'm sure it has enough adult elements (the witch in chapter 1) to keep an adult mind engaged.

    The story revolves around 3 meisters and their weapons. These are small stories that Introduce each team. Maka/Soul who are trying to make Soul into a Death Scyth like Maka's mother did with her father. Black Star/Tsubaki who as far as I tell are a great team. And Death the Kid (son of Lord Death) and his twin Weapons Patty/Liz the Thompson Sisters. Also added to the mix as support characters are Lord Death who everyone answers to. Death Scyth, Maka's cheating father who Maka seems to hate. Sid former teacher turned zombie and Franken Stein the crazy professor who read souls and adjust his own.

    Well that's my first review. Sorry if its lacking but read the book if you want more.

  6. Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson says:

    To the pretties that love anime,

    We enter a modern Gothic style setting. In the darkness, arrives a girl carrying a rather large sythe. Her objective is to sythe the soul named Jack the Ripper on several counts of murder. She quickly dispatches the murderer, then we are introduced to the main characters of the manga, Maka and Soul Eater. Their objective is to collect 99 human souls and 1 witch's soul equaling 100 souls, so that Soul can become a Death Sythe.
    On their next mission a hysterical set of unfortunate events occur landing them back into the Academy, and starting from the beginning. Now the confusing thing about this manga is that there are four main characters who have secondary minions.
    Next we meet the ostentatious Black Star, and later on we meet the Son of Death, Death the Kidd, who takes OCD for symmetry to a whole new level.
    Don't miss out on one of my very favorite mangas. The artstyle is brilliant, fresh, and dark; keeping the plot parked right on superb.
    That's all for now.

  7. Greg J Greg J says:

    This manga is just awesome.

  8. Mingwei Mingwei says:

    There is a school called Death Weapon Meister Academy, or the DWMA for short. This school is run by a shinigami, or otherwise known as death. This school trains humans who have the ability to transform into weapons, and as well as the ones who wields those weapons, called meisters. These meisters objective is to have their weapon defeat and then devour 99 evil human souls and one witch in order for it to turn into a death scythe. Maka and her partner Soul, just finished collecting 99 evil human souls, and are about to attempt to capture a witch's soul. Will they succeed?

    I picked this book up because a friend of mine recommended this series to me, he said that this was his favourite manga series of all time, so I decided to try it. I finished this book because I wanted to see if Maka and Soul were able to capture the witch's soul and turn Soul into a death scythe.

    I would recommend this book fans of Fairy Tail and Black Butler because I think this also has an unique and interesting plot that is very enjoyable.

  9. Samantha Sun Samantha Sun says:

    I like this book very much because it's different from what I normally read. I like how the author aesthetically creates a new realm where what's thought to be bad, the Grim Reaper, turns out to be good. I also enjoyed reading this novel due to it's schools setting so I could relate to some character's when they're given tests but on the other hand I get jealous when some students get to go on missions because it's an adventure of life or death. I sometimes get lost while reading because it's a habit of mine to engulf my soul into the whole story as if I was another character so I would keep reading the series non-stop until it ends. The author did a great job on keeping the reader interested and didn't have boring stories. Also he did a good job on the graphics as well and had a lot of detail's too.

  10. Jessica-Robyn Jessica-Robyn says:

    I know there are a lot of ghost story concepts in manga, there are so many I can't even begin to count. The idea of the soul is always incredibly interesting and here it's used to a fantastical end. However, I watched a good portion of the anime before reading this first volume and that without a doubt affected my experience.

    The anime is beat for beat the same as the manga. That meant the Soul Eater I was first introduced to was different, with vibrate colour and great character voices, and yet very much the same. I still enjoyed reading the book! The story is interesting enough that I don't mind reliving it in manga form.