Are you tired of having problems? Want them to stop? Wish you could transform yourself as a person with just two trips to the bathroom? With advice like this, Just Stop Having Problems, Stupid! brilliantly satirizes selfhelp books in the wise and weird voice of Dr Matt, the selfproclaimed most famous fake doctor of our timeIn what fans are calling the best selfhelp book ever, Dr Matt delivers the same witty personality that fans have come to know from his blog and podcast, and examines the nature of personal problems and the selfhelp books that attempt to solve them Yet, somehow, Just Stop Having Problems, Stupid! manages to contain actual wisdom It's hilarious and clever, both at the same time As Dr Matt says, one copy of the book may not be enough After all, you may have than one bathroomOther books by Dr Matt include, When It Comes To Relationships, You've Been An Idiot

10 thoughts on “Just Stop Having Problems, Stupid!: The Anti Self Help Guide

  1. Sam Sam says:

    It was pretty funny at times. There were some good points though. This book really shouldn't be took too seriously, it's just for laughs but there are somethings that you can learn from the book.

    These are some of the cliff notes given at the end of the book that really spoke to me:

    1. Clever metaphors will not suddenly enlighten you. (This guy really hates metaphors. All though the book he was calling them stupid, that made me laugh)

    2. Not all knowledge is worth knowing. (True that)

    3. Fear is largely useless. Chances are, you’re going to die no matter what you do. (Very true)

    4. Russell Crowe is more attractive than Stone Philips. (I agree heartily, I'm kinda obbsesed with Russell Crowe so...yeah )

    5. Be willing to piss people off. (Except Russell Crowe.) (I won't want to piss him off, although I would kill to meet him, hug him or kidnap him if given the opportunity. Not really. Maybe...)

    Favorite quote out of the book: You can’t stop your problems
    by pretending. You have to stop your problems by stopping them.

    I read it here:

  2. John John says:

    A short parody of self-help books. Some of his comments border on insightful, but still basically a 66 page joke. It's a well told joke, and doesn't require an inordinate amount of time, so 4 stars.

  3. Tanja Tanja says:

    The best self-help book ever. Totally funny.

  4. Beth Temin Beth Temin says:

    A very amusing book about problems

    Actually, this book tells you how to stop having problems by simply stopping having them. A funny, nonsensical book by a doctor of life (not a real doctor) that gives some decent advise on how to solve all your problems.

  5. James James says:

    Written in the form of a kind of motivational slap in the face, I found this very interesting. For me, I think it's very helpful, encouraging questions be asked of:
    - how to spend time
    - what's worth learning
    - the importance of doing
    - the power of what we believe
    - whether fear (and other problems we see) are really blockers

    Very easy read.

    I don't always like the language used & the low view of Christ (albeit trying to see Him as a kind of superhero). Otherwise I'd recommend this to anyone.

  6. AnnaM AnnaM says:

    This book was hilarious and I found some pearls of wisedom that I think will actually help me. Every time I reach for a cookie, in my head I hear, Stop it! Right now! LOL.

  7. Kara Kara says:

    If you take it for the Humor book it is, it's pretty funny. He DOES raise some good points about resolving problems.

  8. Justine Monikue Justine Monikue says:

    I spotted two or three typos, but I did find the book very helpful, and highly recommend it.

  9. June June says:

    made me laugh..which is great medicine...

  10. Eric Eric says:

    This made me laugh, but it was really too short for anything elaborate.