I wanted to enjoy this book, but from the first chapter, I knew it would be a cheesy read Cheese squelched out of all of the pages, coating almost every word The story also sounded familiar It was just like John Tucker Must Die, but on prom nightand not as funny The ending was rather cute, but, sadly, it did not make up for the rest of the book.Although there were some bad bad things about this novel, there were also a few good things The author created three extremely distinct characters and wove their stories into each other very well I was a little confused a couple of times, however, when the chapters changed and the character pointofview switched, but I could quickly get back on track with the authors' help Bliss was your typical popular girl on the outside, but as you got to know her, she becameof a human being and less like a barbie She found her boyfriend and best friend making out at prom, which spurred her to ask the school's resident badgirl to help her get revenge The way they planned to get revenge was very unrealistic and, again, cheesy The resident badgirl, Jolene, had issues of her own, and chose that night to resolve them! What are the chances? She also evolved as a character throughout the book, becoming less of a hard shell, andof a teenage girl She seemed to me like a motorcycle chick who was older than seventeen She also didn't seem like the type of person who would be so interested in going to college Nowhere in the book did it say what her grades were, but her main focus was to get money for college Meg was the character I felt the most connection with She wasn't a party girl, or popular She liked to read and was quiet I also felt the most sympathy towards her, because of her background and the fact that she was pressured into being Bliss and Jolene's designated driver for criminal activities she did not want to participate in I was glad for her, though, when she came out of her shell.Overall, the novel was not my favourite It was a typical story about three girls who never spoke to each other and then ended up spending prom night getting revenge on their classmates It was predictable and, (need I say it again?) very cheesy I'm sorry to say that I had to be honest and give this book a two and a half mask rating. Three unlikely allies team up for a night of rebellion, romance, and revenge in a highstakes dramedy from acclaimed young author Abby McDonaldThey’ve spent years at the same high school without speaking a word to one another, but that’s all about to change Popular Bliss was having the perfect prom until she found her BFF and boyfriend making out in the back of a limo Bad girl Jolene wouldn’t be caught dead at the prom, yet here she is, trussed up in pink ruffles, risking her reputation for some guysome guy who is forty minutes late And shy, studious, überplanner Meg never counted on her date’s standing her up and leaving her idling in the parking lot outside the prom Get ready for The AntiProm, Abby McDonald’s hilarious, hearttugging tale about three girls and one unforgettable prom night 3.5 StarsThis book was pretty cool I really enjoy reading/watching stuff about proms, queen bees, outcasts, boyfriends etc because we don't have that kind of awesome high school in my country.The characters here were likable, the three girls who belong to entirely different cliques come together for one night to achieve their mission.Later the story grows and the chain of events brings all of them closer to each other The story was wellpaced, events well thought out with a good back story to everything.All in all it was a good book for a change. The AntiPromAUTHOR: Abby McDonaldGENRE: Young Adult FictionFORM: Audiobook SYNOPSIS: Three girls who would be voted “Least Likely to Hang Out – EVER,” find themselves stuck together when what is suppose to be the best, most fun day of their entire High School career falls apart Bliss has just caught one of her best friends, Katelyn, in a rather precarious position with her boyfriend in the back of their limo Jocelyn, the school outcast, trouble maker, “tough girl” was suppose to meet her (guy) friend and do a little revenge action Meg, the shy wallflower who just wanted to have a normal day, was set up with a friend of the family as a date to the prom, but he canceled at the last minute Now the three have teamed up, and have a mission – well Bliss and Jocelyn have their own missions; Meg is just getting caught up in their tidal wave For one night only, they are an unstoppable team.REVIEW: Wow, that is a lot of stuff to pack into one night Especially when prom is already in full swing as the book opens The AntiProm is walltowall action There is not a single piece of “dead air” in the book, Bliss, Jocelyn, and Meg are moving from the opening to the closing I loved the mix of the most unlikely candidates – and how they deal with each other Most of the best moments of the book, for me, were when they were on route to their next destination, and either bickering or chastising each other For each of the girls prom night ended up being a bitof a night of self discovery Abby McDonald did a great job of creating characters that anyone can relate to It was easy to find something about one or all of the girls and experience this adventure from their shoes I know I could relate to two of the girls; Meg, for her shy, standoffish personality And Jocelyn, for her broken family and father full of empty promises I can tell you, I think I probably would have had a lotfun at their “Prom” than I had at mine!This book would be an AWESOME teen movie! Think a newer and much better Can’t Hardly Wait.WHAT I LOVED: The wrapping up ending, starting with the 2nd trip to the college I LOVE how everything fell together at the end for all of the girls, and their attitudes concerning each of their circumstances.NOT SO MUCH: That really was a lot of action for just one night…but the book wouldn’t have been the same It’s a divide in my head, a good book doesn’t have to be a realistic one (This coming from the girl who reads mostly fantasy/scifi YA novels..right?) The AntiProm was the perfect lazysummerday read It was silly, light, funny in the right places and was narrated by characters that were actually likable The story grabbed me from the first few sentences where Bliss (yes, and unfortunate naming decision on McDonald's part) catches her boyfriend and best friend going at it during the prom She quickly decides to seek revenge on the best friend and recruits resident bad girl Jolene to show her how it's done Unfortunately, Jolene herself is dealing with all sorts of craziness and might not be the most stable accomplice Meg enters the story when she almost runs the other two girls over She is apologetic where they see her as a chauffeur service The AntiProm basically takes you on a long journey of misadventure taking place over the course of a few hours Think watered down version of The Hangover but for teen girls I liked how the chapters alternated p.o.v between the three characters It was nice to get to see inside all of their minds And although this didn't always follow the most realistic plot line, that's what made it fun and indulgent This is an easy one to recommend to older high school girls Unfortunately, although the cover and the story line are very appealing, the content isn’t all that appropriate for that tween/middle school AntiProm was a book I thought would just be a light read I loved that it was told from each of the three very different girls' perspectives From each of their POVs, I got a clear picture of what made each of them the way they were As they were such an unlikely trio to ever become friends and help one another out, I loved understanding what was fueling their decisions My favorite character was probably Jolene, though I felt pretty fond of Meg by the end of the book Jolene had so many walls to be broken down I feel she needed the most growth, though she was the one pushing the other girls to change as well There seemed to be so many layers to Jolene her father, the toughchick exterior, the assumptions everyone made about her, her intellect and drive to change and go to college In such a short time span, I feel it's pretty unlikely that such an eventful night could ever pan out with the ending that went down However, McDonald did a great job not making everything feel overly concocted This book gives me hope that such uniquely different girls could ever bond together and become friends My actual star rating would probably lie somewhere between a 3 and 4, but I'm erring on the side of a higher rating :) Under usual circumstances this is a book I would have put down after reading the first couple of chapters, but circumstances were not normal This was the only audio book I had with me at work and I had a mundane task to complete so I just kept listening By the time work was done I was nearly half way through the book and then kept listening because I wanted to know how everything turned out.The first half of the book was just ok, it was entertaining but I really didn't care about the characters and found it to be a little farfetched and cheesy However it held my interest enough to continue to the end and I did like the ending So its rating went from a not my kind of book or wouldn't recommend to a take it or leave it kind of read by the end There really isn't muchI have to say other than if it looks like something you might enjoy perhaps you should check out a few other reviews to see what others thought about it since it really wasn't my cup of tea.Rating: 2.5 Stars Take it or Leave itContent: Too much for my liking Lots of language including a couple uses of the F word, talk and descriptions of everything that goes with a stereotypical prom, after parties frat parties.Source: Library I went into this book with a mindset that I most likely wasn't going to like it I'd gotten it as a gift in September for my birthday and it has been staring at me from the shelf ever since For starters the plot just didn't sound very believable, and the three main characters seemed to be three different extremes Not to mention the fact that it is extremely unlikely that the three of them would actually work together toward common goals But I was wrong Abby McDonald did a great job in making the characters believable In fact, as the story goes on you realize that in many ways the girls are actually a lot alike I found that, despite my reluctance to read this book, I ended up really enjoying it The plot had a way of being action packed without seeming rushed You really get a peek into the lives of these girls and a rather unusual prom night I find myself craving sequels, just to know what happens next in their lives, but at the same time I love the way the story ended I don't know much about this author, or if she even has anypublished works, but I would definitely readfrom her.Edit:After checking the author page, I discovered she did havebooks under her belt so I quickly updated my TBR list! Once again, I read this to see if it was a book I could recommend to the students I work with; it's meantfor 15 young adults, IMO Even so, it was an enjoyable read, putting three unlikely girls together for a night of madcapped and I mean madcapped adventures Bliss was the rich, popular girl who sees first hand her BFF making it with her boyfriend at the prom She gets a wild idea to get back at them and gets Jolene, the bad girl to help her On the way, they talk Meg, the invisible wallflower, to be their driver, and off they go Each one of these young women are muchthan their stereotype Bliss is tired of the crap she has to put up with to maintain her popular status Jolene is hurting inside from the lack of acknowledgment from her deadbeat dad, and Meg would just like a friend and not to be invisible Together, through pulling off different jobs for two of them, they learnabout each other and themselves I would definitely recommend this book It's nice to see examples that we are muchthan just the labels others try and bestow on us. The AntiProm is EXCITING FUNNY.These three girls are pretty funny when you get them all together Not to mention, they have a lot to learn from each other This is your average coming of age story, times three!Bliss, a popular girl, learns that there areimportant things than cool friends and fashion Jolene, the bad girl, learns to let go of her past and embrace those who truly care about her Meg, the dork, finally comes out of her shell and becomesconfident in herself The story is told from three point of views This can be a tricky task, as it can be hard to follow the change between so many characters Though, Abby McDonald does it well in this instance Not once, did I get lost with the changes in the point of views Overall, this was a fun read appropriate for any age of YA readers.Want to seeof my reviews? Visit my blog, The Golden Book Hunt