Ghastly beheadings, bloody murders, and coldhearted child abduction cases: precocious high school student Shin'ichi Kudo uses his keen powers of observation and astute intuition to solve mysteries that have left law enforcement officials baffled Hot on the trail of a suspect, Shin'ichi is accosted from behind and fed a strange chemical which physically transforms him into a grade schooler! Taking on the pseudonym Conan Edogawa, he attempts to track down the people that did this to him

10 thoughts on “名探偵コナン 1

  1. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    Since someone had recommended this to me as an old favorite, because I like manga and have just been rewatching some Sherlock and reading some Lawrence Block, I thought I would read this goofy manic first volume (of more than ninety!?).

    Shinichi Kudo (name changed to Jimmy for English-speaking sensibilities?!) is a teen detective who helps the police solve cases. In the process of investigating some men in black, they make him drink something that turns him into a 6-year-old. He assumes a new identity as Conan Edogawa (Conan, from his favorite author Conan Doyle), and solves case after case after case, quickly and sometimes cleverly. One case he clearly wants to close is the one about who spiked his drink. Look at the rating average and you can see this has been popular. I think it began in the nineties, came to the US in the early 2000s.

    I smiled as I read, feels very much a period manga, but I hereby solemnly promise I will not read the more than ninety books in the series.

  2. Ashley Chen Ashley Chen says:

    So yeah, best shit ever?! Do I really need to do a review of this? I still remember going to a stand (yes a wooden stand) downstairs in my home town and begging my mom to buy my sister and I a copy of the series. Each time we would buy 2 manga (one each) and I believe in my entire school, we (my sister and I) had the most Case Closed manga. LOL, we would compete with all the boys who have read the most. Gosh, those were the days. #NoShame #IRegretNothing this is less than a review and more of a life time childhood biggie. My love for this series cannot be described with fancy words. I just want to say one thing...


  3. Raoufa Ibrahim Raoufa Ibrahim says:

    I like it.. but the fact that I had memorized every case in this volume made reading it less fun :/
    but I'm willing to read all the volumes .. this is the only I'll catch up with the story, the anime will reach 900 episode soon!

  4. ⋆ yel ⋆ ⋆ yel ⋆ says:

    4 of 5 stars


    Chapters 001-009

    This manga held so much nostalgia for me. Though this is my first time reading the manga itself, I grew up watching the anime and it was my childhood obsession. This was actually the only anime I've ever watched since I am not really into watching animes. I've told it a lot of times but I am always very much fascinated of clever and wise characters. I've always wanted to see how their brilliant minds work. That is why I am so into Shinichi/Conan. He was so keen and smart. I even remember being so ridiculous to the extent of having dreams about him when I was a kid lol I was so obsessed with him then, and I guess it would probably come back now that I am walking down the memory lane.

    It was so good to read the manga now while re-watching the anime at the same time. I am also planning on catching up with both manga and anime. Thinking about the anime, I was reminded of how clever, intense and action-packed it was. I loved that it brings so much memories and feels.

  5. sara sara says:

    I read this while over at my friend who's trash for Case Closed/Detective Conan and-
    I'M TRASH FOR DETECTIVE CONAN, but i absolutely hate this american edition because the names were changed and it's just plain dumb, the japanese major in me is just plain offended.
    But I love these characters, and this manga is so beautiful and smart.
    I still would rather recommend the anime ~

  6. Leo Leo says:

    I've been meaning to read Case Closed for a long time now. I used to catch the show on TV when I was younger and I always liked it so I though this couldn't be a better option to enter the world of manga.

    Shinichi Kudo is a brilliant teenager detective who has helped the police solving a lot of cases. He also has the tendency to put his nose where it's not wanted and it's going to cost him. While spying in some shady men dressed in black, he gets caught and the made him drink a strange potion that turns him into a 6-year-old. From sixteen to six in just one drink. He assumes a new identity as Conan Edogawa (taking the names from two famous crime writers) to protect himself and the people around him and now must pretend to be a normal child. But how can he when there's so many cases to solve? Well, he manages by going to live with his friend Ran and his father who happens to be a private eye, although not a good one.
    There's some things in this series that are pretty silly: first of all, the men in black make Conan drink an untested potion and don't stick around to see that it kill him. Also, who lets a 6-year-old hang around while investigating, let alone a crime scene. With a dead person on it. So, yeah, it's a little silly but doesn't really matter because what's important is the story. The main plot is Conan trying to get back to his old self by locating the men-in-black but we know what not gonna happen until this series stops making money. So, it's mainly Conan solving cases but because no one takes a 6-year-old seriously, he must point Ran's father and the Inspector to the clues and similar stuff. A bit far-fetched too, but whatever.

    I really enjoyed this volume but the fact that I'm not going to get any answers regarding the men-in-black is holding me back a bit. I mean, there's 85 books of this, are we always going to be going back to square one to what? I'm probably over thinking but it's spoiling a bit of the fun for me.

  7. Jaddd Jaddd says:

    Detective Conan is something the makes me read all night long and it's just really intense that you just won't stop reading. This is only the first book out of hundreds more. This book is where Kudo Shinichi solved a case that happened during a roller coaster ride and he followed this two looking suspicious men in black. He followed them until 'Vodka' noticed that Kudo has been following him and his partner 'Gin' so he went around and smacked Kudo from behind that caused him to lose consciousness. Once he lost his consciousness, the men in black who works for a secret organization tested a medicine they invented and Kudo was the first one to take it. The police then came so men in black ran and left Kudo in the ground. The police found Shinichi and asked him where his parents were and what a little kid is doing wearing clothes of a grown man. Kudo didn't know what they were talking about until he noticed that he shrunk and is now younger. He's turned into a little boy cause of the medicine the men in black gave him... and now he is in search for an answer on how to get his old body back.....

  8. Stella Stella says:

    Okay, a quick walk down memory lane for me. I read this series when I was still living in China, which was a long time ago, just to put this into perspective. If you were hoping for a detailed review, thou shall not find it here.

    So basically this series:
    - Has a nice plot (neat concept)
    - Has some awesome mysteries (This has to be my favourite thing about the series as I LOVE reading mysteries).
    - Has some badass characters
    - Has some hilarious characters
    - IS TOO DAMN LONG! (This series has 76 volumes published and is still ongoing. In addition to that, the animated version of this has 660 episodes and it is also ongoing! ) Suck on that Law and Order! I just cannot keep up with this series so I think this is why I abandoned it.

    But, (oh there is a but), if you are like me and enjoy mysteries, I highly recommend you check out the 16 movies (also ongoing) they have put out based on this manga series. A majority of them are great and they are enough to satisfy a mystery lover (like me).

  9. Jessica-Robyn Jessica-Robyn says:

    I love this series!

    The art is beautiful. Each character is distinct and the horror of dead bodies and crime scenes are not glossed over CSI style.

    The plot has the perfect elements of the over arcing story of Conan's men in black and their mysterious poison that has shrunk him down to half the size he used to be but still twice the detective. With individual cases we get to see Conan flex his unique problem solving mussels to catch the bad guy and save the day. All without people knowing a six year old with the bow tie is working behind the scenes.

    This is the second time I'm reading the manga. Last time around I got pretty far in but I have completely forgotten what book I last left off on and I don't want to miss thing! So I'm going back through and honestly I don't mind a bit. These stories are really some of the best constructed mysteries I've ever read.

  10. Vic005 Vic005 says:

    Yep, I still love this.